L’Acacia en Provence

In the heart of the village you can find the restaurant L’Acacia en Provence where you can immerse yourself in the relaxed Provencal lifestyle. The quiet terrace glows under fairy lights in the warm provencal evenings, and is accompanied by the gentle buzz of cicadas and the scent of herbes de Provence during the midday. It’s a place for long lunches with carafes of rose and lingering evenings with friends – everything you expected Provence to be.
And if the provencal mistral makes it impossible to linger on the terrace, there is a romantic 17th century cave voute, where you can enjoy a candlelight dinner.


After a bend in a winding and climbing road, passing vineyards and quiet provencal villages, there lies a trumble of stone houses, set dramatically at the base of a rocky outcropping. It is the little village of La Roque Alric. If you’re lucky, you’ll arrive just as the sun drops low into the sky, flooding the village with golden light and highlighting the jagged edges of the mountains of the Dentelles de Montmirail behing La Roque.
This is a place where you can truly feel the weight of daily live litf off your shoulders.





The food at L’Acacia en Provence is a perfect compliment to the atmosphere. Crafted by Chef Joanna Sluyter, the menus are created daily, are market driven, seasonal and elegantly presented. Whenever possible, ingredients are sourced locally and are organic. Inspired by Joanna background in local as well as in asian cuisine, menus reflect innovations fusions of provencal classics with a touch of asian flavors.


Owner Joanna comes from Amsterdam. After university, she worked for many years as a journalist, travelling far and wide. Having to eat restaurant food often, she wanted to make a difference. She opened a small auberge in the Dutch countryside offering an atmosphere where all guests would feel at home and be able to eat pure, good and delicious. Her auberge “L’Acacia en Provence” is already known for all this by visitors from throughtout the world. She speaks several languages and loves to meet people as she did when she was a journalist. All this makes “L’Acacia en Provence” a special place to visit.




If you want a Vegetarian or Vegan menu, it’s possible!

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