The wines offered at L’Acacia en Provence restaurant are complementary to the dishes on the menu. The wines come from vineyards of the Region. For the owner of the place, it is very important to work with the producers of Vaucluse and Provence Alpe Côte d’Azure. The selection of the wines is made each year by Sommelier Loïc Argento. He chooses favorite wines that perfectly accompany the atypical cuisine of Chef Joanna Sluyter.
A cuisine that combines Provencal ingredients and Asian dishes. Unique associations to discover throughout the summer season from May to October.
Domaine Les Baies Goûts – Domaine Lenita – Maison Manguin – Domaine Le Loup Bleu, Domaine de Cagueloup – Les Terres d’Eoles – Vignoble Alain Jaume – Champagne Haton – Proseco – Domaine de Vintur – Vignoble Alain Ignace.




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